Brainstorming workshop ½ day

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Discover a new way to brainstorm
Why opt for a brainstorming workshop ?
Brainstorming is a powerful and collaborative practice suited for all types of projects.
€2,500.00 HT / Tax free

It can help you

  • Find a new product idea
  • Develop an engaging offer
  • Boost your consumer experience
  • Develop a successful business model
  • Generate new ideas for a project
  • And a lot more

What’s different?

Our brainstorming specialists will show you the most effective techniques to unlock and boost your ideas, leading to a concrete project.

During the workshop, you will use two tools designed by us,  IdeaMaker and StormBoard. The first one helps you generate ideas with inspirational cards and select the best ones. The later one helps you define them using boards and pens and pitch them to get specific feedback. The outcome? A fun and productive work session that delivers results.

How does it work?

Start with a one-hour, one-on-one meeting with one of our brainstorming specialists to choose the project you want to work on and prepare your customized session.

  • Take part in a three-hour brainstorming collaborative workshop led by our expert
  • Discover IdeaMaker and StormBoard during this workshop
  • Learn the best brainstorming techniques with your specialist to master all your future sessions
  • Receive shareable digital slides of the work you’ve accomplished at the end of the workshop
  • Experience this workshop designed for a team of up to twelve people wherever your office is located in the world.

Why this is the best workshop for your team

  • It will change the way you brainstorm forever
  • IdeaMaker and StormBoard tools combined together make brainstorming fun and productive, bringing your team’s ideas to life to deliver concrete projects
  • Our brainstorm specialist will guide the session and help you achieve your goals

A takeaway tool

If you fall in love with IdeaMaker and / or StormBoard tools at your workshop, why not take it back to the office with you?

Enjoy a special discount price on it when you subscribe to the Brainstorming workshop.

Get to know IdeaMaker

This tool leads to productive brainstorming sessions and generates innovative ideas in record time. Whether you’re used to collaborating or not, you can use this tool to guide fun and efficient brainstorming sessions.

Step-by-step workflow:

  1. Kick off your session with a clear question or challenge
  2. Put everyone at ease with fun icebreaker exercises
  3. Use inspirational cards written by experts from different fields to generate maximum professional ideas
  4. Challenge the ideas to keep only the best ones
  5. In only one session, you’re guaranteed to bring 40+ innovative ideas to life

Get to know Stormboard

Ask the right questions and bring your team’s ideas to life by sketching them with StormBoard.
Step-by-step workflow:
  1. Build your idea using cut-out illustrations and boards
  2. Pitch your project with visual storytelling
  3. Get precise feedback on each key point of your project


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