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Transform the way you work with Makestorming’s innovative tools, designed with a creative and collaborative approach that delivers results.

Looking to organize a fun and productive meetup with your team or clients?

Makestorming offers all the tools, training and expert support you need to kick off your projects, motivate your team and get concrete results in just hours.

With these tools, you’ll be able to lead work sessions independently without the help of a professional trainer.

Makestorming by nod-A

Founded in 2009, our mission is to help companies in every field&mdashfrom small digital startups to high-profile corporations&mdashbenefit from a more creative, collaborative and results-driven working approach.

We call our groundbreaking method Makestorming, a concrete and proven approach that combines collaboration, design thinking and the user experience.

The Makestorming method has already been adopted by over 70 organizations, with more than 350 workshops organized around the globe. Our best-selling book Makestorming: A guide to corporate hacking was named Best Digital Book at the 2016 Hub Awards.

With offices in Montreal, Paris and Lyon, we can work with your team wherever you are in the world to bring your ideas and projects to life.

40,000 people
Transforming their work practices with Makestorming tools
3 offices
In Montreal, Paris and Lyon
9 years in business
pioneering a collaborative work approach and bringing projects to life
350 workshops
organized to date around the world, allowing us to perfect our method
70 organizations
Using Makestorming to bring their projects to life
400 collaborative tools
adopted by our customers to generate, challenge, prototype and pitch ideas
4 awards
recognizing our commitment to developing working methods
1 award-winning book
Makestorming: A guide to corporate hacking

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